I'm sorry this is about running

In my first blog post titled I have no idea what to call my first blog post, I hinted that future posts would be to some extent exciting.

I therefore owe you an apology because this, my second post, is about running.

I run for four reasons:

a} endorphins

2) A sense of achievement

d) It's the best excuse I've ever found to wear tights.

5) It changes my perspective on the day.

If you've sat at a desk all day and haven't got out, nothing will perk you up like 40 minutes of agony and not being able to breathe.

Opening your lungs up has a funny way of opening your mind too, so if you're ever stuck on a problem, my advice is to let your snacks go down, put your running shoes on and prance around your local area like your being chased.

Again I would say there are more exciting posts to come, but we'll see...