Usually when I'm sat in my pants reading emails, I keep my trigger finger hovering over the delete button; waiting to mercilessly slaughter updates from the local garden centre, or Medium articles telling me I can better myself by getting up earlier and writing down my feelings.  However, every now and then I see questions on what gear I use to shoot my stuff.

First off, you could use anything. I have no affiliations to any brands, and I'm pretty confident that any kit you put together for this sort of money will be able to help you tell stories. If not, it's probably not the equipments fault...

Nikon D750

Ridiculously capable sensor. When you're compositing you need to nail the same light and exposure as the other photos you're sticking together, but if I don't this sensor has me covered. The dynamic range lets me pull the files apart like nothing I've ever used, and gets me out of jail if I've really messed up in the field. 

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Tamron 24-70

Probably my heaviest piece of equipment, but it's the only full frame lens I need, and it has image stabilization so I can drink too much coffee and still use it without my shaking ruining everything. It's about half the price of Nikon's version and although distortions are slack (particularly at the wide end) all can be fixed and forgiven in post. 

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Olympus OM-D EM-5

My first proper camera, I will never get rid of it. Tiny, incredible stabilisation, and my resolution for 2016 is to take it with me everywhere so I don't miss anything. Be prepared to buy lots of replacement eye pieces if you don't look after them, I'm onto my 9th.

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LUMIX 20mm

Great walkaround lens. Fast, wide and tiny. The first lens I would tell anyone with a M43 camera to buy. 

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LUMIX 14mm

A wider, smaller, slower and cheaper version of the 20mm. Just the job though. 

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Samyang fisheye

Well put together, heavy and compact. It'll blow your mind if you've never used a fish eye before. The red ring around it makes it look incredibly expensive, it's actually very reasonable. 

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LUMIX 45-175

I really don't shoot long range stuff much. When I do, this is adequate. It's ridiculously light compared to something the same length in the full frame world, the trade off is speed and low light ability. 

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iPhone 6

Thankfully behind a couple of my most successful images, therefore proving that none of the above matters at all. Great little camera, scary to think what phone cameras will look like in 10 years. 

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MacBook Pro 15"

A beast, I wouldn't change it for the world. Speced to the max, never lets me down, and is therefore protected in a incase shied. This helps me edit fast and efficiently, and I'm learning to put together videos on it too.

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Wacom Intuos

The cheapest, lightest, smallest tablet Wacom do. I’ve never had an issue with it, and I certainly don’t want to carry any of their pro models onto a flight. It’s possible to mask with a standard mouse - but it’ll drive you mad after 10 mins.

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Yongnuo 560

Pretty much the cheapest model on the market, but these work great for me. Typically I'm just trying to replicate sunlight, and I use the Rogue gels below to help this, but if I need to do anything more complex or delicate I hire strobes.

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Cactus V5 transceivers

Disappointingly, these look nothing like cacti. However, they perform very reliably as camera transceivers. 

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Rogue. Cheap as chips and they do the trick when i need to modify the colour of my light.

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I use hoya filters, typically only polarisers. 

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A great bit of kit which can basically replace an assistant. Gives you countless options for firing a trigger in ways that don’t involve pressing a button.

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3 legs, blue and sturdy. Any will do. I don’t really buy into the whole carbon fibre thing. I also use a couple of Joby’s (Amazon UK | Amazon US) - great for smaller jobs.

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I use a Crumpler backpack that is far from perfect as a camera bag, but it does a great job of not looking like a camera bag, which is my main concern. 

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Memory cards

Sandisk. You wouldn’t store your children with a bad baby sitter, don’t store your photos on bad cards.

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Rode mic

Not used yet, I’ve promised myself I’ll start doing videos. Soon!

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